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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We're special like that! ;)

With Love, from Miss TLF is not just a review site.
The Fashion Directory is set up for my convenience.
And well, also for your convenience too! *giggles*

This new project of mine will be more than just reviewing.
Trust me, I've got loads of ideas in the planning process.
I aim to make our e-shopping experience more fun! Yay! :)

But I'm currently still working on it, so do bear with me.
Will not let the cat out of the bag just yet, so be patient.
Please do come back and drop me a word or two if you like.

Miss me if you must! I will BRB! :D
*runs away to get project set up*

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mad shopaholic!

That's what my friends dub me as. *giggles*
And yes, I'm proud to be labelled as such.
I do too much online shopping for my own good.
Then I decided that I need a directory of my own.
So here goes the birth of With Love, Miss TLF. :)

I divided the blogshops into 6 categories as you can see.
My Favourites are the blogshops I adore to the max. :D
Mix and Match are for blogshops that sells everything.
Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and you get my drift.
And well the rest speaks for themselves real well, no?

Oh, pre-orders for bags and shoes are not under Pre-order.
They're under their respective categories yeah? :D
Pre-order are just for blogshops selling clothes or any misc.

I've only added blogshops I know of or frequently visit.
So if you're not included in the list, please don't fret.
It's because I don't know of your blogshop's existence.
Or I might have missed out because I am careless like that.
Feel free to drop me an email at iamtlf@live.com! :)