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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mad shopaholic!

That's what my friends dub me as. *giggles*
And yes, I'm proud to be labelled as such.
I do too much online shopping for my own good.
Then I decided that I need a directory of my own.
So here goes the birth of With Love, Miss TLF. :)

I divided the blogshops into 6 categories as you can see.
My Favourites are the blogshops I adore to the max. :D
Mix and Match are for blogshops that sells everything.
Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and you get my drift.
And well the rest speaks for themselves real well, no?

Oh, pre-orders for bags and shoes are not under Pre-order.
They're under their respective categories yeah? :D
Pre-order are just for blogshops selling clothes or any misc.

I've only added blogshops I know of or frequently visit.
So if you're not included in the list, please don't fret.
It's because I don't know of your blogshop's existence.
Or I might have missed out because I am careless like that.
Feel free to drop me an email at iamtlf@live.com! :)

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