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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miss Tuesday #1 - My favourites! :D

It was one windy night, sometime last year, when I was supposed to be studying. Being the great Miss Procrastinator that I was (still am), I went window screen shopping. I was blog hopping when I stumbled upon this blogshop selling accessories. I went "WHOAH!" looking at the whole wide range of bewtifoool handmade items they offer.

Almost at an instance, I looked for the owner's (Jassy) email address, and sent her an email stating my interest in a few of her items. Her reply came back so fast, that I was quite stunned myself. She then added me on MSN and begin to patiently answer my queries, which I appreciate a lot. She is super friendly and really nice to begin with. :)

Hanging on my accessories dollies, are a few earrings customized by Jassy herself and they are among my favourites! :D My most recent new found love that I concurrently wear everywhere I go, is the above sweet English Rose earrings that my mum kept "stealing" from me til I had to hide it. :P

Jasz's Jewelry Box
Click on banner above to hop over! :)

Next up, we have Lovely Stitches, who is owned by this really big-eyed pretty lady by the name of Annie. She spends her time sitting and stitching for hours a day, that her fingers and sight hurt so much. But because she is this passionate girl, she never gives up no matter how tiring her job is.

I like almost everything at her blogshop that it was soooo hard having to pick one as a sample. I urge all of you to pay her blogshop a visit, because her handmade keychains/handphone straps are too adorable to resist. I kid you not! Below is her link, just click to hop over. :)

Lovely Stitches

Yeappie do, I even got one for myself too!
Hmmm... When's your turn, babes? *giggles*

Last but not least, we have Ten Lady Toes! :D


I believe there need not be any introduction yeah?

I mean, how can one not know about their existence. Not unless you're new to the e-shopping sphere. The moment I set foot in their blogshop, I fell head over heels all of the pretty shoes they offer. It was quite some time ago when I stumbled upon Ten Lady Toes from Zhi Wei's (owner) handmade card blogshop, Paper Bar, that has been put on hold for now.

I simply love her art work, and truth be told, I am very very envious. Yet at the same time, I knew that I had to show this girl the support that she totally deserves. So, I ordered a pair for myself and boy, they were so so comfortable to walk in! :D

This was my first pair that I got from Zhi Wei which I totally love to the maximum. I bought two more pairs that I just received and I totally love them so uber much. :D They used to have only ballerina pumps, sneakers and slip-ons, but guess what, they have brought in Patent Heels and Wedges too! Seriously, go have a look! :D

Pay them a visit and browse through their entire collection. I'm sure you'll find something that suits you. Even if you don't, you can get them to customize something that you'd like to have, be it a pair of earrings or shoes or even a keychain. Most importantly, I have to note that they have excellent Customer Service and their items are super duper affordable! :D

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hie.. i can't seem to go into Lovely Stitches' blog. i would love to have a look at her work..

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